latest episode: LE 62 - Dan Hull

The Blarg No. 62: Dan Hull
Posted on Monday November 13, 2017

Down the Collector’s Rabbitt Hole I’m not merely an obsessive music collector, I’m a nerdy, obsessive music collector. Actually, full disclosure, I’m a nerdy, obsessive compulsive music collector. Every item among my thousands of CD’s and hundreds of records is … Continue reading

The Blarg 61: PHX Zine Fest
Posted on Monday November 06, 2017

Up in the Air On the road again—well, technically, in the air, I suppose. Nothing fun this time, off to Anaheim—a work thing at the Disneyland conference. Never has the happiest place on earth been a less apropos slogan. I … Continue reading

The Blarg No. 60: Lou Barlow
Posted on Monday October 30, 2017

Talking Lou Barlow Fall, such as it is in Phoenix, Arizona, appears to at last be upon us. Summer has finally taken the hint (about a month late) and buggered off to some more appropriate hemisphere. Unless it hasn’t, which … Continue reading