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The Blarg No. 81: Chris Ayers
Posted on Monday July 09, 2018

Perhaps the least enjoyable aspect of podcasting is the editing process. Well, really, the least enjoyable part of anything is the editing process. Actually, I take all that back. The worst part of a process that involves editing is editing … Continue reading

The Blarg No. 80: Philip Haldiman
Posted on Monday June 25, 2018

80 episodes! First, though, a quick note of thanks to everyone for the feedback on the intro to the last episode. I was nervous about making myself vulnerable to an audience of listeners, but I felt like it had to … Continue reading

The Blarg No. 79: Joey Burns of Calexico
Posted on Monday June 11, 2018

I spend an awful lot of time expecting things to fall apart. That’s just my go-to assumption. It’s not a crippling thing, it doesn’t stop me from doing stuff, but it’s always there in the background, this nagging feeling that … Continue reading