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Weíre Four Chambers. Weíre an independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ whose mission is to give greater visibility to the literary arts and encourage their larger participation in the cultural scene. Basically, we like to think of ourselves as a heart: something centralized, organic, and part of a larger body; that connects, supports, and circulates life. While most literary magazines publish literary work, and some community literary magazines may get that work from the community, we are publishing work to build community.

We donít have a particular aesthetic. We arenít looking for specific styles, genres or forms. We publish work from writers who are established, emerging, unknown, uninterested, or simply donít think of themselves as writers in the first place. Weíre just trying to get peopleís work out there and assemble an eclectic collection of contemporary literary work.

We print one issue a year (in October). Each issue, we award $200 in prizes to authors. We also commission illustrations from local artists.

We are available for purchase online through our website or on consignment at a number of venues throughout Arizona (ranging from bookshops and record stores to art galleries and concert spaces).

JakeHi. My name is Jake Friedman. This is a picture of me wearing a peacoat at the Grand Canyon and eating an apple. It is the first and only peacoat I have ever purchased (to date). It was something of a life long dream. As for the apple, I eat them every day. For the most part I am eating regularly every day. I have a B.A. / double major in Philosophy and English with various academic accolades in tow that I donít like to talk about. I run a writing group / moderate for the Central Phoenix Writing Workshop; I read for Haydenís Ferry Review for a year; etc etc. This is what I do in my spare time.

KelseyIím Kelsey Pinckney and I smile a lot. Probably because I have a lot to smile about. Iíve moved around a bit in the past few years, but I think itís safe to say that Phoenix, and Four Chambers, have captured my heart, so Iíll be staying here for a while. I L-O-V-E meeting new people, so please say hi to me if you see me. Seriously. Tell me who your favorite fictional character is and what you ate for breakfast. Itíll be a delightful conversation, Iím sure. My accomplishments are minimal, but Iíll tell you that I can crochet pretty much anything you want, I have an adorable and ornery cat named Truman (Capote), my living room has no matching furniture but still manages to be charming and cozy, and I have pretty bad taste in music when left to my own devices. Regardless, Iíll probably try to make you a mix CD.

RosemarieRosemarie Dombrowski (RD) holds a BA in Anthropology, a PhD in American Literature, and is a Lecturer of English on ASUís Downtown campus. She co-hosts the Phoenix Poetry Series, is the editor of the undergraduate writing journal of the Downtown campus, is the creative co-director for the We Are Downtown project, and is a co-organizer of CollabX (a partnership focused on bringing collaborative, multi-genre art performances to the community).

Her scholarly obsessions include confession (in all its myriad forms), post-punk feminism, and the broaching of sexual taboos in literature, art, and society. Accordingly, she created the Lady Gaga literature class for ASU and will be teaching a class on Poetic Anarchy in the fall. To her credit (or demise), she loves big American cars and even bigger fashion statements.

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Rosemarie For more on the intrepid host and Four Chambers alum, see the about host page.