latest episode: LE 75 - Stina Sieg

The Blarg No. 75: Stina Sieg
Posted on Monday April 16, 2018

Writing without filters Not too long ago, I copped to having a bout of writer’s block—which makes it sound like a cold or virus, something you can get rid of with bed rest and vitamin C, and I suppose it … Continue reading

The Blarg No. 74: Carly and Mark of Yab Yum Music and Arts
Posted on Monday April 02, 2018

A couple nights ago, I sat with Janell—you know what, as I’m typing this, I realize that it’s the damn opening to “Simple Twist of Fate”: we “sat together in the park/as the evening sky grew dark.” At this point … Continue reading

The Blarg No. 73: Venita Blackburn
Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

Focus. I can’t do it. My mind is so scattered right now, that it’s becoming a real problem. I’ve got too much going on. As I’m sitting here writing The Blarg, I’m also editing the next episode of Hoot n … Continue reading