latest episode: LE 58 - Tom Petty Tribute

The Blarg No. 58: Tom Petty Tribute
Posted on Monday October 16, 2017

No soapbox this week. Sorry, I know I’ve been up there a lot lately, and you know what they say of opinions and assholes and all that… I go running every morning. It’s something I do. At this point, I’m … Continue reading

The Blarg No. 57: Charissa Lucille
Posted on Monday October 09, 2017

Is anyone else out there fucking sick of the news? When did even our most stalwart, no-nonsense journalistic organizations fall prey to the model of news as entertainment? I’ve noticed that lately, even NPR has given itself over to a … Continue reading

The Blarg No. 56: Howl Theatre Project
Posted on Tuesday October 03, 2017

2017 has a lot to answer for, but it’s offered up some amazing moments as well—for Limited Engagement in particular and myself along the way. It’s been rough but rewarding keeping up with the weekly format. I kinda miss the … Continue reading