latest episode: LE041 Sean David Christensen

The Blarg No. 41: Sean David Christensen
Posted on Tuesday June 20, 2017

I’m working on something very exciting and very big. Well, I think it’s very exciting and very big, but I can’t talk about it. I hate that. When I’ve got an idea cooking that can lead to something awesome, I … Continue reading

The Blarg No. 40: Clottee Hammons
Posted on Monday June 12, 2017

Where does anyone find the time to do everything? Really, if anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear them. My plate is overflowing, and while I can’t discuss all the projects heaped up on it, nor would you want … Continue reading

The Blarg No. 39: Russ Kazmierczak
Posted on Monday June 05, 2017

I’m not a natural salesman. Never have been. If I’m excited, or passionate about something, or I want to recommend something (book, music, etc.), then I can be pretty persuasive, but that’s not really salesmanship—plus, it’s limited to other people’s … Continue reading