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The Klute (born Bernard J Schober) is the most recognizable voice from Arizona on poetry slam's national stage. He grew up on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean along Palm Beach, Florida where he cultivated a love of sharks to become an amateur shark conservationist, and has had the privilege of sharing the waves with them, from the great whites of Isla Guadalupe, Mexico to the reef sharks of Egypt's Red Sea coast. He has represented the cities of Mesa, Phoenix, and Sedona at the National Poetry Slam 10 times between 2002 and 2014. The author of the previous chapbooks "Escape Velocity," "Look at What America Has Done to Me," "My American Journey," and "Hate You Can Trust," these were collected in 2015's Klutocrypha, Vol. 1 published by Brick Cave Media, and he has had poems published in anthologies by Sergeant Press and Write Bloody.

Jesse Parent, a local curmudgeon from Salt Lake City says "The Klute is honest, loud commentary on the political condition. Just because he can be funny doesn't mean he shouldn't be taken seriously. His work is skewering in its sharpness and depth, and entertaining in its craft and delivery. Also... sharks," and Ed Mabrey, a TedX Speaker and Emmy Winner, says "The political satire world has it's Mount Rushmore; Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Bill Maher. Using his own chisel and hammer, The Klute has climbed that rock and is etching his own likeness next to them, one insightful poem at a time. It's no accident, he belongs there".

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april anne is originally from boston, ma but has called arizona home since 1990. after her parents divorced during that year she found herself in a very hot state with no friends. she found a friend in music and poetry. from this she was able to spread her wings and become the woman she is today.

music has always been her lifeblood and at times would drive her parents crazy, for she would never stop singing, she was a living radio.

in 1991 in addition to writing poetry and singing she picked up the violin. coming from a musically gifted father, she found that playing music came naturally to her. she ended up playing this beautiful instrument for 14 years, in addition to 2 years of viola and 1 year on cello. but from her many years of playing she injured herself and ended up developing tendonitis in her left elbow and right shoulder. this all came to the surface during her first year in college, as a vocal major, when she was finally learning the piano, she had to drop out after one semester and not play any instruments for 6 months.

once she was healed she began to teach herself piano. she'd always wanted to learn it and instantly fell in love. but it didn't always come easy to her. the concept of singing while playing proved to be a tad tricky at times, but with anything that is challenging to her, she practiced until she persevered.

april has been writing music and poetry since she could put a pen to paper. her lyrics always come from a place that she knows, her life. she has lived major ups and downs and all are reflected in her music. when she is in love she writes songs that could melt any man's heart, but when she's been hurt she writes lyrics that touch many deeply. she admits she has made many mistakes, but if given the opportunity wouldn't change a thing from her past, for they all made her who she is today.

"piano strings" is a great example of this. a song about a horrible relationship, april jokes, "well at least i got a good song out of the whole thing". she is shocked at how this song has really taken off. with it's provocative lyrics and energetic piano she leaves nothing out. it's all right there for us all.

no matter where life leads her, we can always rest on knowing she'll be singing about it in one way.

when asked, what if you never get your heart broken again, she replies with, "no worries there, i have enough ammo to last a lifetime!"

april is currently hard at work on her album and singing at local venues and open mics whenever she can.

stay tuned, for this is just the beginning!

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