LE018 Tindal Muzic Flyer

Listen to the show:

Tindal Muzic, an Indianapolis, Indiana native, turned Phoenix local since 2012, has been performing all over the valley to Los Angeles. Her music can best be described as having vibes as chill as Sade with tempos and melodies as contagious as Lauryn Hill, to hooks catchy like those of Erykah Badu. Her loving and charismatic spirit create a mood that leads the listener on a journey through sound with love. She has had the great pleasure performing at favorite Phoenix music venues such as Lost Leaf and Crescent Ballroom. Known to many as singer/songwriter/guitarist and pianist, she is also the host of an Open Mic during downtown Phoenix's premiere local talent and artwalk First Friday. She is intent on setting a base in Phoenix to continue building an even bigger music and entertainment platform for many years to come.

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